Originally published in The Guardian on March 10, 2022

The latest Labour Account figures from the Bureau of Statistics reveal that at the end of last year a record percent of people were working more than one job.

The Centre for Future Work’s Greg Jericho has analysed the figures and found an abnormally large number of new jobs since the pandemic have been in secondary jobs.

In the December quarter of 2021 a record 6.4% of employees were working multiple jobs

This unfortunately is not a pandemic-led one-off but part of a now 6-7 year trend that finds workers who are facing fewer hours, more insecure work, and getting pay rises that barely keep up with the cost of living being forced to seek another job to pay the bills. 

See Greg’s full commentary in The Guardian: “Rise in hours worked signals post-lockdown recovery, but more people have multiple jobs than ever

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