The Wages Crisis in Australia: Contents and Authors


  1. Introduction: Australia, we have a problemJim Stanford, Tess Hardy & Andrew Stewart
  2. Charting wage stagnation in AustraliaJim Stanford
  3. Global perspectives on wage stagnationStephen Kinsella & John Howe
  4. What’s causing the wages slowdown?Tess Hardy & Andrew Stewart

Part I. Wage-setting mechanisms and institutions

  1. Minimum wagesTim Lyons
  2. Gender pay equitySara Charlesworth & Meg Smith
  3. Collective bargaining and powerDavid Peetz
  4. Public sector austerity and its spill-over effectsTroy Henderson
  5. Contracting out community services, marketisation & wagesFiona Macdonald & Michael Pegg
  6. Executive remuneration in listed companies and wage-settingKym Sheehan

Part II. Business structures and vulnerable workers

  1. Fractured workJosh Bornstein
  2. Wage theft and young workersKeelia Fitzpatrick
  3. Temporary migrant workers, underpayment and predatory business modelsIain Campbell
  4. Is there a wages crisis facing skilled temporary migrants?Joanna Howe

Part III. Stakeholder perspectives

  1. A business perspectiveSaul Eslake
  2. A union perspective on the wages crisis and how to solve itDamian Kyloh
  3. A community perspective: The human and social costs of wage stagnationJohn Falzon
  4. Young Australians & the disrupted economyAnnette Cairnduff, Kelly Fawcett & Nina Roxburgh
  5. An investor perspectiveCraig Shepherd & Penny Heard

Part IV. Finding solutions

  1. Conclusion: Wages and inclusive growthAndrew Stewart, Jim Stanford and Tess Hardy

Appendix: An Overview of Labour Regulation in Australia – Andrew Stewart