The Wages Crisis in Australia: Supplementary Materials

About the Book

Commentary article in The Conversation: The Five Not-So-Easy Steps that would Push Wage Growth Higher, by Andrew Stewart, Jim Stanford and Tess Hardy (29 November).

Remarks by Natalie James, launching the book: Trust, “wage theft” and wages growth, Melbourne Law School (29 November).

Video: The Wages Crisis in Australia: 5 Solutions, featuring Prof. Andrew Stewart (produced by University of Adelaide, 2:48).

Video: The Wages Crisis in Australia: Key Causes, featuring Dr. Tess Hardy (produced by University of Melbourne, 2:35).

Video: The Wages Crisis in Australia: Why Wages Matter, featuring Dr. Jim Stanford (produced by Craig Pickthorne, 3:00).

Media Coverage of the Book

The release of The Wages Crisis in Australia, and in particular its five-point policy agenda, has generated considerable media coverage. Here are some of the recent articles:

Right to strike key to beating wages crisis, say law experts, by Ewin Hannan, The Australian, 29 November.

Tax cuts, privatisation ‘no longer cut it’ as wages ‘crisis’ worsens, by Anna Patty, Sydney Morning Herald, 29 November.

Wages crisis threatens to cause a financial meltdown, killing a ‘fair go’, by Stephen Long, ABC News, 29 November.

Broaden ’employee’ definition to reboot wages, say experts, Workplace Express, 30 November (paywall).

Saul Eslake says ‘wages crisis’ sees profits growth rate slump to record lows, by David Marin-Guzman, Australian Financial Review, 29 November.

Related Materials by Contributors

Video: What Goes Around, Comes Around: The Economics of Wages, featuring Jim Stanford, Economist and Director, Centre for Future Work (produced by AMWU, 3:19).

The New Work Reality: Preparing young people for the new work reality, by the Foundation for Young Australians, 2018, 20 pp.

Living up to the promise of Harvester: Time for a Living Wage, by the Australian Council of Trade Unions, 2017, 25 pp.

Debt in Paradise: On the Ground with Wage Theft, by David Peetz, Griffith University, Griffith Review, July 2018.

Finance Drives Everything: Including Your Insecurity at Work, by David Peetz, Griffith University, The Conversation, August 2018.

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